B-M Paid to Wave the Flag and Burn the Constitution

Gutting the First Amendment has become the "patriotic" last refuge for scoundrel PR firm Burson-Marsteller (B-M). Citizens Flag Alliance depicts themselves as a frustrated group of proud veterans saving our nation from flag burning by amending the constitution. However, the CFA website and media reports fail to identify perhaps their most important "member," the giant PR firm reaping big bucks managing the campaign. B-M's masterminds are no doubt the source of CFA talking points such as: "Putting a few disgusting means of expression out of bounds in no way threatens ... freedom of speech." But the CFA may need to hire new propagandists, since today's New York Times (Washington Talk column, p. A16) notes that the House vote for the amendment has fallen "below 300 for the first time since...1995."