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Unfortunately, the Weekly Radio Spin went on hiatus in April 2009, due to resource constraints. To help us bring back the show, please make a tax-deductible contribution to CMD. Thanks!


CMD's Weekly Radio SpinThe Weekly Radio Spin is the Center for Media and Democracy's five-minute audio report on the stories behind the news.

The Weekly Radio Spin examines the forces shaping recent news stories, including public relations firms, think tanks, lobbyists, experts for hire and marketers. Each segment contains "Six Degrees of Spin and Fakin'," a feature that looks at the connections between media manipulators, revealing the long history and broad reach of professional spinners.

We post new Weekly Radio Spin segments every Friday, no later than 4 pm U.S. eastern time.

Listen in, and ask your local station to broadcast it! Or, if you work at a radio station, add the Weekly Radio Spin to your regular schedule. Read on to find out how. You can also play the most recent segments from this web page, below.

Put CMD in your ears

The Weekly Radio Spin can be played directly from this website -- the most recent segments from this page, and any segment from The Weekly Radio Spin can also be downloaded as a podcast, using the XML feed at

The Weekly Radio Spin is also available via iTunes, on,, and

Unspin your local airwaves

As part of the Center for Media and Democracy's educational mission, the Weekly Radio Spin is freely available to all radio stations. In addition to the sites listed above, segments can be downloaded from Pacifica's

If you air the Weekly Radio Spin on your radio station, please email us at to let us know!

If your radio station doesn't air the Weekly Radio Spin, please ask them to! Call and ask to speak to the station news director or program director. Tell them that the Weekly Radio Spin is a five-minute audio report with a unique focus on the forces that shape news media. It complements other radio features that report on media inaccuracies, bias or media policy matters. The Weekly Radio Spin is produced by the Center for Media and Democracy, an award-winning media watchdog nonprofit group.

Encourage the staff at your local radio station to listen to the Weekly Radio Spin, at If they have questions, they can contact us at or 608-260-9713.

On the air, around the world

The Weekly Radio Spin can be heard regularly on the following radio stations: