TheWeekInCongress (June 11-15, 2007)

It was an eventful week on Capitol Hill, as many high-profile issues were debated and considered in both the House and Senate. The House took up veterans’ benefits and a Homeland Security appropriations bill, while the Senate debated a comprehensive energy bill. For an in-depth look at the bills considered in Congress since Monday, we again turn to Robert McElroy’s TheWeekInCongress. His site is a great resource for citizens wishing to keep track of what their members are up to in Washington, and we urge you to check it out. Follow the headlines below to the Congresspedia articles covering the respective issues, which in turn link to and heavily rely on McElroy’s analyses.

  • The Senate continued to debate a comprehensive energy bill. The measure, which remains subject to amendments, would mandate a forty-percent increase in fuel economy standards and a fivefold increase in the production of ethanol, increase home appliance and federal building efficiency standards, and require the federal government to increase its use of renewable energy.
  • The House passed a bill appropriating funds to the Department of Homeland Security for the 2008 fiscal year. The measure would order the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to double the amount of airplane cargo inspected, and also provide $1 billion in additional funds for border fencing and infrastructure improvements.
  • The House dismissed four cases concerning contested 2006 election results. A panel, however, continues to probe Democratic challenger Christine Jennings’ appeal of a narrow defeat to Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) in Florida’s 13th District.
  • The House passed a bill which would appropriate $64.7 billion for veterans’ affairs and military construction, including funds for new hospitals to treat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with traumatic brain injuries.