PR Watch Archives: 2004

Download PDF versionVolume 11, No. 4: Fourth Quarter 2004

  • Powers Behind the Throne
  • Flack Attack
  • Introducing SpinWatch!
  • Progress for the Powerful
  • Dewey Square Gets Around
  • Killer PR: The Literary World of Eric Dezenhall
  • The Echoes of Big Tobacco's Drum

Download PDF versionVolume 11, No. 3: Third Quarter 2004

  • On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're an Underdog
  • Flack Attack
  • From Flying Toasters to Cyber Voters
  • Howard Dean: The Scream Heard Around the World
  • CMD Celebrates 10 Years!
  • Moving America One Step Forward And Two Steps Back
  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation: The Think-Tank Breeders
  • Atlas Offspring Used U.S. Funds to Oppose Chávez

Download PDF versionVolume 11, No. 2: Second Quarter 2004

  • A Short but Tragic History of E-voting Public Relations
  • Flack Attack
  • Spinning the "Wheels of Democracy"
  • E-Voting: Digital Democracy or a Cash Cow for Consultants?
  • Our Man in Iraq: The Rise and Fall of Ahmed Chalabi

Download PDF versionVolume 11, No. 1: First Quarter 2004

  • How Now, Mad Cow?
  • 10 Years of PR Watch
  • Where's the (BSE-free) Beef?
  • Pumping Irony