PR Watch Archives: 1998

Download PDF versionVolume 5, No. 4: Fourth Quarter 1998

  • The Junkyard Dogs of Science
  • Flack Attack
  • Integrity Ain't Cheap
  • Flying the Koop: A Surgeon General's Reputation On the Line
  • Panic Attack: ACSH Fears Nothing but Fear Itself
  • ACSH vs. Ashes: Tobacco's Worst Enemy, or a Smoke Screen?

Download PDF versionVolume 5, No. 3: Third Quarter 1998

  • Keeping America Safe from Democracy
  • Flack Attack
  • Book Review: Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism
  • PR on the Witness Stand: Vinyl, not the Whole Truth
  • How to Deal with "Environmental Activist Incidents"

Download PDF versionVolume 5, No. 2: Second Quarter 1998

  • Spinning the Moral Compass
  • Flack Attack
  • On a CLEAR Day You Can See Through Front Groups
  • Monsanto and Fox: Partners in Censorship

Download PDF versionVolume 5, No. 1: First Quarter 1998

  • If You Can't Fix the Problem, "Manage the Issue"
  • Flack Attack
  • Community Values, Prudential Style
  • 100% All Beef Baloney: Lessons from the Oprah Trial