PR Watch Archives: 1997

Download PDF versionVolume 4, No. 4: Fourth Quarter 1997

  • Thinking Globally, Acting Vocally: The International Conspiracy to Overheat the Earth
  • Flack Attack
  • Wise Guys Down Under: PR's Eco-Front Moves on Australia
  • Sometimes the Truth Leaks Out: Failed PR Stunts "Down Under"
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Shell Invades the Peruvian Amazon

Download PDF versionVolume 4, No. 3: Third Quarter 1997

  • Swallowing Anything: The Hype Behind Alternative Remedies
  • Flack Attack
  • Did "Rejuvenation" Therapy Kill George Balanchine?
  • Mad Cow U.S.A.: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?
  • Infocom Helps Flacks to Help Themselves
  • Columbia Books Publishes Resources for Flack Trackers
  • Defending Hot Air: TASSC Takes on Global Warming

Download PDF versionVolume 4, No. 2: Second Quarter 1997

  • Shut Up and Eat: Food Censorship Arrives in America
  • Flack Attack
  • "Intolerable" Speech? What Howard Lyman Said to Oprah
  • They Said, He Said: Why the Judge Ruled for McDonald's
  • SLAPP Happy: Corporations That Sue to Shut You Up
  • One Bad Apple? Facts and Myths Behind the "Alar Scare"
  • Sludge Backs Up: Merco's SLAPP Suit Fails in Texas
  • Announcing a New Book: Mad Cow U.S.A.

Download PDF versionVolume 4, No. 1: First Quarter 1997

  • They're Rich, They're Powerful, and They're Running Scared
  • Flack Attack
  • Risky Business: The World According to Hill & Knowlton
  • Big Brother Gets Wired: The Dark Side of the Internet
  • China's Corporate Friends in High (and Low) Places
  • Mandarins and Moguls Unite for MFN Initiative
  • Flacks in Florida: PAC Member Consulting Firms