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  • Reply to: The American Dream   15 years 1 week ago
    s/b Peter Finn not Peter Finch (ref. the article itself)
  • Reply to: Inaugural Product Placement   15 years 1 week ago
    So it's sort of like the concept behind the PT Cruiser; it's cool when a criminal drives it, and it'll appeal to our reptilian brain. -- esp
  • Reply to: Intensifying the Information War   15 years 1 week ago
    The problem is with these damn reporters hanging around the military personnel. Look at what happened to poor Mr. Rumsfeld! Whose brilliant idea was it to put reporters in with the troops? -- esp
  • Reply to: Perception Is King   15 years 1 week ago
    ah, well we're not very surprised. Mutterings about King by the ExxonMobil-funded right wing anti-climate groups have been going on for some months now, as well as on Tony Blair. for the real deal on how many of those groups are funded by Exxon.
  • Reply to: White House Astroturf For Social Security Phase Out   15 years 1 week ago
    I was wondering if someone could create a fictional private Social Security investment account dating back 20 years from today and determine if an average person would have prospered or would have lost everyting. The account would go a long way in proving or disproving if the presidents plan to privatize social security would work. I think the account would need to be invested in index funds and all fees applied as applicable. I don't have the knowledge or resources to accomplish this, so I thought some of your readers might. What do you think?