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  • Reply to: T-Bones of Contention   16 years 3 months ago
    Why are the big food corporations opposing COOL??? Are they really that scared of people choosing food grown closer to home? This one's a no-brainer, politically--even my dad (proud red-state Republican and sometime anti-environmentalist) supports COOL.
  • Reply to: CMD & Free Press File 'Fake News' Complaint with FCC on Behalf of 40,000 Petition Signers   16 years 3 months ago
    Have you seen this?
  • Reply to: Ad Students Create Agent C for the Agency   16 years 3 months ago
    Fortunately, as a quick glance at Agent C's ads makes apparent, anyone fearing an upsurge in CIA recruitment as a result of this campaign doesn't have much to worry about: the campaign ads are pretty terrible.The fill-in-the-blank theme, "CIA careers are more___ than you think," invites the search for adjectives more creative than THEY may think. (I posted about this on my blog, btw, Stay Free! Daily)
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    Professor Jacob Jacoby may reconsider the name his NYU students picked for their agency devoted to the promotion of the CIA ("Agent C Marketing"). What's the usual color of C Vitamins ? Orange. Thus, I'd recommand "Agent Orange Marketing", definitely the most relevant description for this outfit. Stephane MOT
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    Thanks Eric, Thanks for the tip. I have added a link to the letter into the Spin article and SourceWatch articles too. Feel free to add links like that directly into SourceWatch articles yourself if you like. (If you aren't sure how to get started in SW after having a look at the help files drop me a line). Cheers - bob