Ad Students Create Agent C for the Agency

Advertising students at New York University are running a marketing campaign for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The students and their professor Jacob Jacoby created Agent C Marketing, which developed and is currently implementing a campaign that promotes its sole client, the CIA, to college students as an "exceptional employer." The marketing effort includes print advertisements, "cool CIA stuff" giveaways, and a scavenger hunt scheduled for April 8. (The speaker event was cancelled, "to prevent any potential harm that may escalate from a protest.") The CIA-NYU partnership was organized by EdVenture, a marketing firm that provides "both one-of-a-kind educational value to students and educators while reciprocally providing clients with marketing, brand building, research, sales and recruiting access to campuses across the country." Other EdVenture clients include General Motors, Citibank, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and People Magazine.


Professor Jacob Jacoby may reconsider the name his NYU students picked for their agency devoted to the promotion of the CIA ("Agent C Marketing"). What's the usual color of C Vitamins ? Orange. Thus, I'd recommand "Agent Orange Marketing", definitely the most relevant description for this outfit. Stephane MOT