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  • Reply to: Koch-Tied Firm Conducts Mass Layoffs After Trump “Job Creating” Tax Cut Bill   1 year 3 months ago
    So let me understand, a corporation bought another corporation and then cut their cost by eliminating a 30 year old division that supplied customer service. Instead they subcontracted that task to an existing supplier to bring efficiency to the larger group. . . . Yep, that's what happens and the reason free markets exist. Always sad to see people lose their jobs, though. P.S. this has nothing to do with a tax break. Portraying as such is fake news.
  • Reply to: Secret, Big Funding of "Small Business" Group Exposed at New Website --   1 year 4 months ago
    Trump spoke to an audience of NFIB cretins, who aplauded his diatribe of lies. They wildly applauded his defending himself for throwing kids in dog kennels at the border. You people are disgusting. And you will be the first to suffer from this idiotic trade war.
  • Reply to: America's Inefficient and Ineffective Approach to Border Security   1 year 4 months ago
    Your solution is a chimera, it's no solution at all. 1st you cannot shutdown US borders, nor can you shut down the Southern Border. There are 48 places where one can legally cross the US Border, not counting rail crossings. That border is the most heavily trafficked border in the world. There are some 350 million crossings in either direction annually. Mexico is our 3rd largest trading partner. Trying to close the Southern Border would be stupid. By truck alone $363 Billion in goods crossed the border. Add rail crossing and it's $535 Billion in goods! Those numbers are from 2014, it's even greater today. At the Southern border delays in crossing are costly.
  • Reply to: ‘Influence Watch’ Website Launched: Berman, ALEC, Heartland Copy CMD’s Site   1 year 4 months ago
    The focus of this new site seems to be to discredit left-leaning sites. If you look at listings for sites on the left, they use subtly judgmental language and go into detail about why they feel the sites may be controversial, etc. For right wing sites (like the Heritage Foundation, a long time, very right wing site) they have little to say and describe it in innocuous, neutral terms--they call the Heritage Foundation a "right of center" group, restate its nice sounding mission statement, and list the number of members. In fact, it has always been a far right group and there's no mention of its having been created by large corporations to manufacture research to support conservative ideas.
  • Reply to: Who are the 2018 Koch Candidates?   1 year 4 months ago
    We have corrected this oversight and appreciate your help! CMD