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  • Reply to: ALEC's New Union-Busting Toolkit Illustrates the Goal Is to Bankrupt Unions Not Protect Workers   1 year 4 months ago
    If unions can't survive without stealing from non-union members or people who don't want anything to do with the union, I saw let them go. If you can't survive as a business without theft, your business model is outdated or broken. Forced union dues are merely Unions using government to fix a problem that they created for themselves (free-riders). The only reason free-riders exist is because unions demanded to be the official representation for all workers instead of just the ones who joined their union. Think about it like this - if I owned a bakery and decided I want to be everyone's personal baker, I said - government, designate me the universal baker, and they did, but lots of people didn't like my product, so they left, I'd probably have a financial issue. To fix this issue, I demand government allow me to steal money from everyone, regardless of whether they wanted to buy my scones or not. Doesn't that sound insane?! That's the way unions work.
  • Reply to: ALEC in Disarray   1 year 4 months ago were cool with David Horowitz referring to O'Donnell as a "fat pig," and then repeating that she was a "fat pig"...? Alas, the bleeding heart liberals at Verizon, AT&T, Dow Chemical, and Honeywell disagreed with you:
  • Reply to: Barring Plastic Bag Bans, another ALEC Law Takes Aim at Local Democracy   1 year 4 months ago
    I am responding to a citizen who is worried that a New York City ban on plastic bags will cause distress: "What am I supposed to use for household garbage and kitty litter?" My response is to do what I and many environmentalists do. I use paper grocery bags to line my waste baskets and then they go into the outside garbage bin. Soiled kitty litter also goes into a paper grocery bag and then into the outside garbage bin. Also, there are companies that manufacture large heavy-duty paper bags for the garbage bin, and there could be incentives for more companies to do so. The world existed for centuries before the invention of plastic. In my lifetime, modern society has allowed plastics to take over the world, with the possibility of destroying our world. This needs to stop.
  • Reply to: The Secret Affair of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Philip Morris   1 year 4 months ago
    She’s running for president but worked for corporate America and a tobacco giant ... no need to apply
  • Reply to: Koch Brothers Should Return $157 Million in Government Subsidies   1 year 4 months ago
    The issue is the Koch Network has created an outsized influence on "the game the government creates", by supporting voter suppression, gerrymandering, unlimited political funding, all of which are done deceptively, to insulate and magnify their undue influence. This flies in the face of the one person, one vote democratic principle. These activities do not produce economic freedom for all, only a relatively few billionaires. Mainly it's the largest corporations or privately held companies, who share disproportionately in the benefits, of which 80+% are owned by the .01-1%. Having little corporate liability more than doubles or triples some of these subsidies, which also function as unfunded, taxpayer, liabilities for the rest of us. CC is a good example. The human and economic costs of climate change expose us to human health hazards, and an existential threat to our economy, government, species, and democracy. No one would vote for these dire consequences.