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  • Reply to: Radical Resolution Calling for a Constitutional Rewrite Passes Wisconsin Assembly   3 months 1 week ago
    Wow. If ever there were a political hit piece this is it. The effort is organized at a national level by COS Action because legislation must be consistent across states. A few dozen volunteers in WI with no ties to the donors listed and thousands of concerned citizens who have written letters and signed petitions are REALLY behind this. Any other claim is pure falsehood. This ridiculous article attempts to imply nefarious intent to WI volunteers who are trying to get an Article V Convention Of States. It then goes on with the fear tactics of runaway conventions that worked in the 60's - 80's making ridiculous statements about what "legal experts" warn about without asking a simple question... how do these amendments get ratified? It takes 3/4 of the states with BOTH chambers approving it. A single chamber causes it to fail in the state. So 12 of 100 chambers are all that's needed to reject something. If 88 bipartisan chambers agree... we the people agree. Pure garbage.
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    Don't believe the hype. The Article V Convention is a two-part process of proposal and ratification, and the latter requires 75%+ approval. Meckler and his astroturf organization can claim whatever they want, but their proposals will never achieve the necessary approval to become part of the Constitution. Why liberals are so afraid of this process when the only thing that has non-partisan support is electoral reform is a mystery. Armiak should be paid well for his fear-mongering. Get the facts at
  • Reply to: Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private   3 months 4 weeks ago
    Read this article of you want to educate yourself. This shows that Eli Broad is in fact the enemy pillaging the public coffers creating a much worse off school district. I understand your perspective and for the longest time I completely believed it, but after "looking under the skirt" that situation that the Oakland school district specifically is a direct result of Eli Broad meddling in the district itself.
  • Reply to: Waste Management Reaps Treasure from Your Trash and Taxes   4 months 2 hours ago
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  • Reply to: Betsy DeVos Ethics Report Reveals Ties to Student Debt Collection Firm   4 months 5 days ago
    Is Sally Mae tied up in all this too? They started stealing tax returns from me just a year or so before Obama left office despite his law saying they couldn't (I live in Texas, so of course right wingers here don't give a damn about the law if it goes against their ideology) and I can't help but wonder if Sally Mae is at least associated with DeVos in some way.