BP "Reporters" Give Flowery Accounts of Disaster

BP logoPaula Kolmar and Tom Seslar, two "reporters" hired by BP, have been blogging from the Gulf and posting descriptions of cleanup operations on the company's "Gulf of Mexico Response" PR Web site. One update by Kolmar, dated May 28 and titled "Ballet at Sea," describes the laying of oil-absorbent boom amid the unparalleled environmental disaster. Kolmar writes,

"I was on a jack-up boat observing the practice operations several miles out of Bayou La Batre on a day when the ocean was calm, except for the groups of dolphins swimming around us. Even a shark came along to watch the show. Hot, humid conditions intensified by bright sunlight in a cloudless sky were actually made pleasant by the salty sea breezes topped off with lots of sunscreen and bottles of water. Over about four hours we ... enjoyed the spectacular ballet at sea. Mind you, these drills are executed by local shrimping captains on shrimping boats who know these waters and how to catch shrimp! ... Watching the captains weave the long black boom as seamlessly as a professional ballet troupe performs an intricate dance, I found it difficult to believe that the rehearsals only started some weeks ago ... A ballet at sea as mesmerising as any performance in a concert hall, and worthy of an audience in its own right."


In fifty years time when our Grand children look back at the Gulf Oil Disaster I hope that the consequences are not too severe.

It is really heart breaking what has happened there.

I am sure that there is a lot of damage control being done by officials. Unfortunately this accident will cost the consumers and environment more than any of us can afford. I hope the repair happens soon!

Did the reporters stop and think that the sea may have been flat and calm due to the layer of oil over it. Thats were the saying " to pour oil onto troubled waters" comes from. The sailors pouring oil over the sea to flatten it down.

It really is disgusting to see how crafty and slick the BP reporters, and other goons sub-contracted out, really are.

We need more "iReporters" and average citizens blogging and capturing media using their social media means.

It is most discouraging to realise we do not know all the truth. And so much is done undercover. Who can we believe? This is truly a critical situation and we can only pray God intervene to avoid further damage.

The world always recovers somehow on natural disasters, but this will take a very long time.

I like hearing reports from real-life people, and not the typical media outlets. I just hope for the best of luck.
And of course, hurricane season is on our way. I know it could get worse if it hits the gulf and further pushes the oil to land-and further affecting small businesses and families.