BP Now Saving (Not Killing) Wildlife!

Oiled bird on gulf coastAn oiled bird struggles on the Gulf coast (Associated Press)Now that it is recovering some of the oil pouring out of the massive leak at the bottom of the Gulf's floor, BP has found another way to try to repair its reputation: the company announced that it has created a new wildlife fund that will benefit from any profits BP makes selling the recovered oil. "BP is committed to protecting the ecosystems and wildlife on the Gulf Coast," said BP CEO Tony Hayward, while making the announcement about the fund. A press release about the fund crows, "The creation of the wildlife fund is the latest example of BP's commitment to help the gulf coast states and their residents." How much money can we expect BP to spend on beleaguered animals? Like other estimates BP has made recently, the company admitted it cannot predict the amount. When asked the question, Hayward issued a statement that simply said, "We believe these funds will have a significant positive impact on the environment." BP collected 14,800 barrels of oil on June 7, and the current price of crude oil front month futures are $72 per barrel. Proceeds from oil recovered from skimming operations will also go into the fund. What Hayward failed to mention, though, is that under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, BP is required by law to fund clean up and restoration of wildlife in the Gulf damaged by its operations.


Shocking! Those poor creatures are dying because of the selfishness of the mankind. We just use our cars etc. and never think about how harmful is that for the planet. We should put pictures like this at petrol stations to make the people think about using less petrol!

When I see the destruction this industry causes, I want to lynch the bastards. They are eco-terrorists and have committed mass murder. They are worthy of the highest punishment. Not justice, screw that. If there were justice, they wouldn't be drilling and reaping profits over life, all life. Nope, I think there is cause for an angry and vengeful god...

Tens of thousands of people, including children, pedestrians and passengers in motor vehicles are killed, crippled or maimed due to motor vehicle accidents every single year. Add to this, all the innocent nonhuman victims killed or left injured by motor vehicle traffic on our roadways.
You'd think that the motor vehicle industry, a prime consumer of oil or petroleum products, would be banned as a dangerous threat to all sentient life, as well as being responsible for environmental destruction and resource depletion. Instead, like the firearms industry, it's licensed to kill by the corporate state and legally protected.

That said, people have decided that the benefits of owning motor vehicles outweigh the value of life and limb. To themselves, their children, pedestrians, and, not the least, all the innocent nonhuman beings who just want to cross the road to get to the other side....

BP is worth $200 billion. Even if BP is broken-up, it will be re-constituted and replicated as a shiny new monster hungrily waiting for the suckers to lineup to give them more money. The maiming and mindless destruction of the Gulf Coast is merely an extension of what is to be the future for all of America. How does it feel Mr. & Mrs. America to be raped my "Free Enterprise", while watching helplessly as these greedy morons decide the best way to protect their interest at our expense? That pitiful, dying, oil drenched duck is our future unless "we" all collectively say "no", "no more".

Now that's a bit alarmist, if I do say so myself. But look on the bright side: if this corporate-run dystopian future of yours comes to pass, don't worry! Supporters of zero corporate oversight also tend to be big supporters of the 2nd amendment, so we can all just buy guns, put our corporate overlords against the wall, and start all over again. Come on, it'll be fun!

This makes me sick. Yes, BP is fully responsible. Especially, when they neglected to fix it the first time around. President Obama needs to press on with punishment. BP CEO is out golfing and windsurfing. Do you really think this is a time for R&R? Fire him shareholders!

BP is no doubt responsible for the oil mess. However I don't understand why the president of BP doesn't deserve a day off and our own Obama has many days off when he should be tending to the business of running this country. And not into the ground either.

unbalanced species will bring far more bigger and more dangerous consequences to the world. we need to pay closer attention