Green - or Greenwash - TV?

TV in Green Tape"A new broadband TV channel dedicated to showing films about the environment is offering companies a chance to broadcast their green-tinged messages -- for nothing," reports BBC News. "Already, films by energy giant Npower and ice cream maker Ben & Jerry have been shown by the channel," called Founder Ade Thomas said, "Anyone who makes films about environmental issues can broadcast them for free via ... We're an aggregator of editorial content." Thomas explained that initial plans called for an editorial board to oversee content, but now the channel will "clearly mark who has made each film," and allow viewers "to prick holes in any film peddling lies or misleading praise of companies" on its blog. partners include Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. Internationally, it receives support from the United Nations Environment Program, Water Aid and The World Conservation Union.


Hey, this is a good development and the channel sure believes that everything for public service should be a la open
source. However since it is free programming, there could a question mark on the programmes run by corporates and whether it is a substitute for advertising.

In India we have controversies over particular media houses accepting paid editorials and stuff. Thus the editorial guides of Green TV need to be highlighted well I suppose. Nevertheless, it's still good news for PR guys.

Wonder Green TV accepts films from Indian corporates.

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