Sex and the City 2: More Hype, Less Appeal

Sex and the City 2 Thong UnderwearCritics are saying that the new movie Sex and the City 2 may have jumped the shark, if not with it's plot, then with its endless commercial tie-ins, gratuitous product placement and the amount of sheer hype tied to the show. HBO started promoting products related to the movie months before its release, including a four-pack of thong underwear, T-shirts, cocktail glasses and even a "Carrie" necklace. As the movie's opening date drew closer, retailers started hawking look-alike fashions, facial creams and Sex and the City bra styles. Even die-hard fans cringed a little at the commercially-orchestrated "Girls' Night Out" premiere parties. A New-Jersey-based skin care company, Repechage, offers a helpful guide explaining which of their products would be favored by each of the movie's four female stars, and HBO's "Shop Now" link to Sex and the City merchandise on its Web page leads visitors to page after page of movie-related merchandise, including "Sex and the City" foldable after-party ballet shoes, mugs, mousepads, charm necklaces, leopard print scarves, martini shakers, champagne flutes, cosmetic cases, and on and on. "Sex and the City 2" raises the question: at what point does the appeal of a creative theatrical work buckle under the sheer weight of its associated over-commercialization? We may have an answer ... one analysis of box-office statistics shows SATC-2 earned less on its opening weekend than the first sequel did, and that theater-goers are liking it less.


...ninety percent of what's called "social criticism" is really nothing more than bashing other people's taste?

I, for one, would be glad to let "them" whoop up Sex and the City for ever and ever if they'd just keep their hands off the environment, energy, war and peace, health care, etc., etc., etc.

Here are 5 reasons behind product placement in the movie:


The dumbest, most racist, most polluting and women hating the movie year.
I have no doubt about reports that the film be enjoyed by it's fans for many reasons.

They are really flogging a dead horse here. The show was a success, movies are lame and not relevant anymore. Stop watching it and stop buying this crap and they will stop making them!

I have never been a great lover of Sex and the City. The girls or rather women are total snobs and very much unlikeable. I have stopped arguing with my girlfriend about it long time ago as she can’t live without Carrie and company. Well, she dragged me to the first movie and I was bored to death. She did it again with the second one. Now, this S&C part two is really over the top. I can’t understand myself that I let my girlfriend to do that again!

But of course, this is my opinion. There will be always some (plenty) who fall for that stuff, just like my girlfriend does… Oh, well…

This is quite a very delicate but a bit educational movie. Since I don't have kids and never been married, I couldn't fully think of myself in their case.

This movie might get different comments from different persons in this world since all of us have differing views and experiences in life. This is just a sample of some other people's belief, how to deal life and challenges.

How about some more reality in the movie..

I personally don't like this type of movie where women are hypnotized to be materialistic and live in free sex life.

Product placement and merchandise is the new (or not so new) way of recouping the massive costs of creating movies and Television...but it's only when it so obvious to me that it gets on my nerve. Please, at least have the decency to plant products in my subconscious!!

SATC it is not supposed to be anything but entertainment that doesn't take itself seriously.I haven't seen it yet but the rest of the series and the other movie were the same

I personally like this type of movie where women are hypnotized to be materialistic and live in free sex life.