Anger Management

Harvard Law School is hosting seminars in April and November to teach "Public Relations, Communications and Media Strategies for Dealing With an Angry Public." They'll be teaching techniques for dealing with people who "are angry because you've let them down" or who "want to embarrass you publicly," as well as "environmental groups threatening you" over issues such as "the use and disposal of toxic materials." You can visit their website for details. A flyer announcing the seminars carries endorsements from officials with the U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, ConocoPhillips and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. If you're angry at any of the above, or even if you're just outraged by the price of the seminars themselves ($1,950 per attendee), you know who to call.


Will there be scholarships for the unemployed who are angry with the way that Harvard lawyers are running the government?

I would love to attend one of these seminars, its always useful to know how to deal with angry people!