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The British climate change skeptic, Christopher Monckton, warned those attending an Australian conservative think tank seminar that bureaucrats will mastermind a "coup d'etat" in the aftermath of the COP15 climate change negotiations and establish a "world dictatorship". Monckton, who was once an adviser to the former Conservative Party Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was speaking at a seminar by the mining and power generation industry funded think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs. "What I think will happen at Copenhagen is they won't agree on how much emissions for each country,'' he said. "'The bureaucrats will then sidle forward with their silky voices and their shiny shoes and their shiny pants, and they will say, 'Well, Prime Minister, you've come all this way, you need to go back with something. Why don't we all agree just to carry forward the institutional framework.' And thus, by stealth - by bureaucratic coup d'etat - a world dictatorship, long the aim of those who set up the UN's climate panel, will have come into being.''


How silly is this. Those who still deny the phenomenon of climate change are now hampering the response of the majority who want to get on and tackle it. Besides, the Conservatives who deny it are hampering the efforts of moderate Conservatives who (rightly) think that the Tory party can lead on the environment.

When it comes to revamping everything that has to do with energy, food production, clothing, heating and industry, we need to look at it seriously what is the cost. If you include the major source of CO2 which is water vapor, man's total output of the "poison" gas is 0.28%. If we cut our energy use by 1/2 that means a reduction of 0.14% of total CO2. Think about it, 600 years ago we had much greater warming than in the last 50 years and we survived. The solution? carbon trading that will make many people like Al Gore billions of dollars, double our energy costs and have no impact on climate. I remember in the 1980's Ted Danson warning on TV that if we don't do something about global warming, Manhattan would be under water in 10 years, yes by 1995. I believe it's still dry.

"...if you include the major source of CO2 which is water vapor..."

How is water vapor a source of CO2? You get CO2 by burning substances that contain carbon. Water has no carbon in it.

I think that the point of this article is that most people acknowledge Climate Change, but they are not sure how to go about solving it. Ergo, a one world government will then be required to dictate the emission limitations to each member country.

I don't know anyone, and I work in a science related field, that believes there is global warming, at least not to the extent that it is influenced by the miniscule amount of CO2 produced by automation. We are having records of cold temperatures set nearly every month....why would I believe it. Many of the perpetrators of idea don't even know the Laws of Physics, they just know they can make a fortune.
Go ahead. Google record lows for 2009!

Record High Temperatures Far Outpace Record Lows Across U.S. November 12, 2009

BOULDER—Spurred by a warming climate, daily record high temperatures occurred twice as often as record lows over the last decade across the continental United States, new research shows.

"Go ahead. Google record lows for 2009!"

I did, and at the top of the page I found what you apparently intended:

But I also found this, which strikes me as more credible:

And FWIW, I live in northern New England and I just finished an enjoyable four-mile outdoor workout in shorts and T-shirt. Breezy, but far from freezing. You wouldn't guess it was mid-November.