Egg Land's Worst

Rembrandt FarmsThe Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has filed a complaint (pdf) with the Federal Trade Commission to stop the country's largest egg producer, Rose Acre Farms -- makers of Eggland's Best eggs -- from making false and misleading statements in its marketing and advertising about how it treats chickens at the company's farms. On its Web site, posters and in media interviews, the company suggests that Rose Acre provides a "humane and friendly environment" for caged birds, that birds have plenty of space to "move around and socialize" with other chickens and that only chickens who are treated well will be "happy" enough to lay eggs. Rose Acre also claims that their chickens are "comfortable." In reality, according to HSUS, millions of hens are confined for their entire lives in barren wire cages stacked four and eight levels high. Cages are so densely packed that the birds cannot even spread their wings fully. In February and March 2010, HSUS conducted undercover investigations at several Rose Acre Farms locations and videotaped how the chickens are kept. Chickens lose limbs or endure broken bones from rough handling, some birds get trapped in the cage wire and become unable to reach food and water or get trampled to death, and some chickens die, with the carcasses left to rot in the cages for weeks or longer. Consumers have no way to verify producers' claims about how chickens are kept.


So I guess it's okay to have compassion for your dog but it's "crazy" to have compassion for chickens? Call me crazy - vegetarian here. I like meat, but I don't eat it because I don't see the difference between types of animals that makes it okay to pamper and adore one and terrify, torture, and slaughter another because you feel the need to have a Big Mac.

This article says "the company suggests that Rose Acre provides a "humane and friendly environment" for caged birds". Is this article accusing EB of caging the caged birds? They offer organic and cage-free eggs. The article is misleading. I have visited one of the farms that produces eggs for egglands best in Colorado, and while it wasn't a free roaming open pasture, it wasn't a floor to ceiling wall to wall cage barn. it was an enclosed indoor area. looked fairly roomy, but would never compare to your backyard.

All major farms kill their chickens. They then grind them up and sell them to fertilizer companies or dog/cat food manufacturers. Don't kid yourself.. There is not a 'chicken rescue(s)' that I know of that save chickens by the MILLIONS each year... get real

I will never ever buy these eggs again..what lies...i cant believe the people who work here defend this bs..makes me sick and bad karma is headed there way. Going to be starting a new boycott campaign against this POS Farm i mean FACTORY