Who Is Doing Real Journalism?

If you're looking for "real reporting" these days, Glenn Greenwald thinks a lot of it is coming from whistleblowers and advocacy groups rather than from journalists. "If one looks at most of the vital disclosures of the last seven years -- whereby concealed, legally dubious behavior of one of the most secretive administrations of the modern era is exposed -- one finds that such exposure comes overwhelmingly from two sources: (1) conscientious whistle-blowers inside the Government, and (2) advocacy groups such as the ACLU, which have tirelessly waged one litigation battle after the next in order to unearth the Bush administration's secret, improper conduct," he writes. "The record of the establishment press over the last seven years is one characterized far more by failure and complicity than by real journalism. ... The function of the ACLU and similar groups isn't really to uncover illegal behavior on the part of our Government. That is the intended function of the Congress, the media and the opposition party. But those institutions haven't done that. ... As a result, the ACLU and similar groups -- with far fewer resources -- have been forced first to uncover what the Government does, to try methodically and incrementally to erode the government's wall of secrecy, to perform real journalism, in order then to engage in their real function of opposing Government encroachments and defending the Constitution, basic privacy rights and civil liberties."


More and more, political blogs are taking on the role of news distribution. Main Stream Media may have been co-opted by political pressure or too much under the control of owners with a personal agenda that is other than to provide accurate and truthful news to Americans.

This is unfortunate because most blogs only repeat, they do not report. At least the options to research are present and people who read the blogs are taking an active role in educating themselves about important topics often ignored by TV and radio.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
~Albert Einstein

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In this new MediaOcracy, one that is governed silently by Wall Street/Corporate America and is administered by the Media.

Wall Street.

Corporate America
Advertising Agenies

Labor Unions
Special Interest Groups

The MediaDELIVERYsystem is one that capitalizes on the human element “Ignorance is bliss.”
As such this system utilizes two other key elements in this TRIAD.
1.Freedom of the Speech, and the abuse/misuse the same.
2.Celebrity, the notion of 15 minutes of fames is now..I want to be famous, everyone else is.
With the liberal media in the drivers seat their duty is but one. To spin, promote and otherwise confuse the obvious, while the power of suggestion are encouraged to the ends of their self interests.

It is this MediaOcracy that is why the media is in a panic state.

The presumptive, (it isn't over until it's over) President elect is Obama.

There is no doubt about it, to deny the sensibilities of this obvious regarding this point is to define you...PERIOD.

Thus! The loyalty demonstrated at the disgust of those who understand their lack of civic responsibility, would no doubt create IN GRANITE this new MEDIAOCRACY.

For now the geeny is going to volunteer to step out of the bottle and take their RIGHTFUL seat at the Right hand of God....er Obama....

AS A MATTER OF FACT the power they would yield would compel Obama sit to Media's Right....BUT there is A PROBLEM....put your money on

OBAMA will lose by more than 20 points... Count on it....
Media's unwise gamble moving from bad to worse, their INTENTIONS exposed.

What courtesies would be extended to them in the McCain Administration?
Pie in the face is not even close to the discrace that will forever tarnish the good reputation and honored tradition of America's Press Corp.

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