Daughter Busts Dad: Burger King VP Caught Running Dirty Tricks Campaign

Amy Bennett Williams, following up on her previous article reports, "As the Coalition of Immokalee Workers prepares to deliver more than 60,000 petitions to Burger King headquarters in Miami today, the daughter of Burger King's vice-president Stephen Grover confirmed her father is responsible for online postings vilifying the coalition. The Immokalee-based group is asking Burger King to improve tomato harvesters' working conditions and pay a penny more a pound for tomatoes, which could add about $20 to a daily wage of $50, workers say. ... [O]ften during the past year, when articles or videos about the coalition were posted on YouTube and various Internet news sites, someone using the online names activist2008 or surfxaholic36 would attach comments coalition member Greg Asbed has called 'libelous.' ... [E]arlier this year the alliance had been infiltrated by Cara Schaffer, who said she was a student at Broward Community College interested in organizing campus events in support of farmworkers. In reality, Schaffer owns Diplomatic Tactical Services, a Hollywood, Fla.-based security and investigative firm that advertises its ability to place operatives in the ranks of target groups."


Yup, the DTS website is gone, and for some reason Internet Archive doesn't have it. Good thing CMD archived it online... Just follow the links from the SourceWatch article on DTS:

The Internet Archive doesn't archive everything on the web, and they will remove archives of a particular site from public display if the site's owner asks them to do so.

In case anyone is wondering why the Internet Archive does this, I think they have good reasons, reflecting their desire to build as comprehensive as possible a historical archive for the benefit of future generations, while also balancing other legal, copyright and privacy concerns. You can find their policy and some explanations for it here: