What About McCain's Pastor Problem?

Pastor John Hagee endorses John McCain for PresidentWhile news media have focused on Barack Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright, little attention has been paid to the endorsement of Republican presidential candidate John McCain by controversial Texas televangelist John Hagee. Hagee has voiced extreme anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual views. In a September 2006 interview on National Public Radio, Hagee reaffirmed his view that Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment against New Orleans for hosting a homosexual parade. Hagee has also said that the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves by "turning away from the true God." He referred to Catholicism as a "false cult," and said the religion contributed to Hitler's anti-semitic views. When Hagee endorsed him, McCain said he was "proud" to have the pastor's support. More recently, McCain has been working to distance himself from Hagee's inflammatory comments.


whoever is concerned about McCain's pastor is up in the night. I don't see how any of those views are detrimental to America's best interest. It says in the Bible something about how because the Jews rejected Christ they will be tormented. And it's not an unknown speculation that the Catholic religion was organized as a way to control the people. And oh my goodness, who ever heard of a pastor that was anti homosexuality. What is the world coming to? What America needs is more God fearing men and a lot less "secret combinations"!

...And more men-fearing women! But how can real God-fearing men keep their womenfolk in line when husbands and even pastors toss their haloes in the trash for trysts with hookers, masseurs or just any guy they meet in a men's room?

Or maybe what America really needs is to stop believing in juvenile myths about a God who blesses this, commands that and abominates the other, and to just "put away the things of a child."

What the heck happened to McCain? At one time he was almost semi human. Was it postering all along? Does he even have a sincere bone in his body! The point is this pastor's attitudes are EXTREME compared to the American public. Why hasn't more been done to expose him for the fringe nut job he is.

And btw, Jesus did not go around pointing fingers at gay people or hookers. I am quite sure Jesus is far more concerned with abuse of power, greed, and environmental destruction than who is in the sack with who. Not that Mutternich doesn't have a valid point about their hypocracy! I don't even show Afluenza anymore cause when it gets to the part about Rev Ted Haggard the class just breaks out into giggles!