Unilever: "Viva Marketing!"

The multinational consumer product company Unilever "has launched ViveMejor, a multimedia marketing initiative that targets the Hispanic community" in the U.S. The PR firm Edelman's multicultural practice is heading communications for the campaign. The campaign includes a magazine, "distributed for free at grocery stores and online ... grassroots events, and two sub-platforms focusing on beauty and food - Pasa Las Belleza (Spread the Beauty) and Desafio del Sabor (The Flavor Challenge). Television segments created for these sub-platforms, featuring celebrity stylists and a chef, will appear on the popular Spanish morning show Despierta America (Wake Up America)." Unilever's Ivette Alvarez Santoro said, "The idea is to offer simple, yet relevant tips on everything [the Hispanic mother] is looking for ... with the idea that she will share what she has learned with her close family and friends." Unilever research found that "Hispanic women are more likely to make large shopping trips ... plan for meals, and be aware of advertised specials than the general population," and are "more open to recipes and tips delivered in Spanish."


Well, I give Unilever credit for Dove's real beauty campaign. I applaud both their size and age diversity. I think it took courage
and most of my college aged females loved it. The truth is for better or worse ads do influence people. Lots of young women were given an alternate definition of beauty. And lots of us older women are redefining beauty as well. The world would be better off without mega corporations. But until the coming social collapse (and it IS coming!!!!!) at least that was one corporation that did a bit of good. (I say this holding my nose because I can not stand ultra slim fast. But even their new commercials are more reasonable than say Jenny Craig who had the nerve to exploit 911 - how low can you go, or Subway and the obnoxious and offensive ads they have running right now. Boycotting them for life!!!!!)

"Weight obsession is a social disease. If we cared more about CO2 than BMI there would still be time."