Rapture PR Campaign Led to Russian Teen's Suicide

Jesus my badHarold Camping poured millions of dollars into his global PR campaign to convince people around the world that Earth as we know it would end on Saturday, May 21. Some believers who took his prediction to heart gave up their homes, their jobs and liquidated their worldly assets to buy more advertising to advance his message. But the biggest sacrifice that occurred as a result of Camping's prediction is a 14 year old girl from Russia who reportedly hanged herself to avoid being left behind with the nonbelievers Camping claimed would suffer on Earth after the rapture. The Christian Post reported that in the days leading up to May 21, Nastya Zachinova of Central Russia's Republic of Mari El wrote entries in her personal diary that revealed she was terrified of the suffering Camping predicted would come, and that she didn't believe she was one of the "righteous" who would rise up to heaven and be saved. On Monday, May 23 -- two days after the world failed to end as he predicted -- Camping faced the media and gave a statement acknowledging his "error." After he was finished speaking, a reporter informed Camping that a mother who had believed his prediction had attempted to kill herself and her two children, but did not succeed. Camping said he was relieved she did not succeed. But when a reporter pressed Camping about whether he would accept any responsibility for the mother's attempt, Camping answered he would not. "I don't have any responsibility. I can't take responsibility for anybody's life. I'm only teaching the Bible," Camping responded. Presumably he accepts no responsibility for Nastya Zachinova's death, either.


Answers we will never get....

How many of Camping's tragic deluded lemmings sold their homes and gave the money to Family Radio?

Very professional and responsible picture you all used. Clearly you have an agenda. Camping is a nut and does not represent Christ. The guy used numerological charts for crying out loud.

Very sad. But a suicide is a very complex thing there's likely to be many reasons for the girl's death, not just this ridiculous rapture episode.

Very well put. Thank you for shedding some light on a dark matter.

A 14 year old Russian girl hangs herself to avoid being left behind and because she was terrified of the suffering Camping predicted. This exemplifies the horrible impact of religious fanaticism.

Sorry, but I hope all Camping's followers will commit mass suicide this time- before the next false alarm in oct. It's better for the collective gene pool.