Cables Show U.S. Government Works for Boeing

Classified State Department cables published by Wikileaks show high-up U.S. government officials have entertained and obliged special requests from foreign heads of state to help close big deals for Boeing. In 2006, a senior Commerce Department official hand-delivered a personal letter from George W. Bush to the office of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, urging the king to complete a deal with Boeing for 43 airliners, including some for the king's family fleet. The cable shows that as part of the deal, the King wanted his personal jet "to have all the technology that his friend, President Bush, had on Air Force One." Once he had his high-tech plane, the King said, "God willing," he would "make a decision that will 'please you very much.' " The U.S. obligingly authorized an upgrade in King Abdullah's plane. In other instances, Bangladesh's prime minister, Sheik Hasina Wazed, sought landing rights at Kennedy International Airport, and the Turkish government asked for assurances that one of their astronauts could join a future NASA space flight. U.S. diplomats served as marketing agents for Boeing by using State Department visits as bargaining chips and offering deals to foreign heads of state and commercial executives with the power to purchase airplanes from Boeing.


I can't believe that after all this information has come to light, our government continues to behave in this unethical manner. I thought our country was founded on principles of morality and justice. This article is so disheartening.

I commend CMD for all that you have brought to light. I just wish our elected officials were paying closer attention. I guess when it comes to capitalism, Democrats behave the same way Republicans is king.

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The thing is, knowing that this is occuring is in itself shocking, but not surprising.

I say this because frankly I feel powerless to take any action to stop it. I suspect those Americans who find out about it - and think it's wrong - would likely feel the same way (i.e. outraged but otherwise helpless to do anything other than let others around them know what's going on).

This is why they have distractions such as the Super Bowl etc. When people are talking about scores and other meaningless crap, they don't talk about how the Corporatist's are screwing us.

There should be little surprise about this activity, the founding "fathers" held from the beginning that the chief reason for the government was to serve and protect the interests of moneyed individuals, to protect the haves from the have-nots (read Federalist Paper 10). The country has always been the servant of the few moneyed elite, that is why I quite frankly am surprised about those who are surprised. All the Wikileaks release does is confirm what the government has done since its inception. The only reason why it ever listened to the people is because it was threatened, and any gains there has been for the people were conceived by the peoples own design - not because of the magnanimous nature of the government.

Go a hundred years into the future from the US creation and you will find this written by Wilson -

"Since trade ignores national boundaries, and the manufacturer insists on having the world as a market - the flag of the nation must follow him, and the doors which are closed against him must be battered down. Concessions gained by finance must be safeguarded by ministers of state. Even if the sovereignty of the nations are outraged in the process. Colonies must be obtained and planted in order that no useful corner of the world may be overlooked or unused."

This is just more of the same, and any view you had of the government other than this, is just the nonsense you were taught in school.