Colorado Billboard Combines Racism, Homophobia and Xenophobia

BPlogoPeople driving through Grand Junction, Colorado for the next month will have to look at a racist, xenophobic and homophobic billboard that depicts President Obama as a turban-and-bomb-wearing terrorist, an illegal immigrant wearing a Mexican sombrero, a member of the Mob and a homosexual. The four figures of Obama are shown playing a card game, and lettering on the board reads, "Vote DemocRAT - Join the game." Paul Snover, the artist who helped design the board and who painted it on behalf of a local citizen who wants to remain anonymous, said, "With the elections coming up it works to get people to think, put a little humor into it..." But people don't seem to be laughing. Mesa County Democratic Party Chairwoman Martelle Daniels said of the billboard, "It's racist, it's homophobic, it's terrible..."


Perhaps the artist is the creator of the billboard and there is no anonymous person behind it.

The only thing I don't like is the billboard being only seen by Americans around Grand Junction, CO. Maybe if we got some media PR...

Its being picked up by all major media so we don't have to worry about only Grand Junction seeing it.

The last guy is a pimp, not a homosexual. As in Obama pimping the USA to China, for instance. I agree with the other depictions, except the illegal has an ammo belt around him amd we do have shootings right? Does Arizona or Texas ring a bell? Want to go jet skiing? You DemocRATS seem to call everything or everyone you do not agree with a racist, or homophobic, or etc, etc. You just have no other defense do you? Take me for instance; I am a retired, disabled VET who Loves God, and Country. I believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want God in the Pledge of Alleigence. I want government to stop the spending. So, how do the Progressive DemocRATS, and the Progressive Republicans react to that? I am called a racist, gun hugging, God clinging, homophobe. What a pity you morons cannot come up with a real defense. I am all you want to be, but I was here first and it just eats at you, doesn't it? LOL
The slaughter will commence in November and we, the real patriots, will take control of congress. Two years later, it will be the White House you will lose. Then there is just nothing here for Progressives who think Socialism is the way to be. I really pity you. You are invited to leave the country anytime you please and go to Venezula and live your life as "THEY" see fit.

Surely you know the soon to be Republican Speaker of the House and soon to be Republican Pro Temp of the Senate could easily lead us to a Republican position in the White House sooner than that. This could be the President of Firsts, the first President to be Impeached!!!

ugly stuff...

free speach is definately being abridged. if the threats were made against a city council member, you can bet the law enforcement community would be instructed to do all in their power to apprehend/locate the perpetrators. evidently the average citizen does not carry the same importance.