VFF Loves GI Joe

Vets for Freedom is a 527 committee managed by Republican public relations and political consultants, including Taylor Gross, attempting to defeat candidates who advocate an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The Wall Street Journal reports that in Connecticut, "An organization of mainly Republican veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is working with Republican strategist Dan Senor to boost Joe Lieberman's efforts to win re-election as an independent. Mr. Senor is working in an unpaid capacity for Vets for Freedom, which plans to kick off its pro-Lieberman push with a full-page ad in Monday's Hartford Courant that praises Mr. Lieberman for 'integrity, leadership, and unwavering commitment to America's troops.' The organization hopes to run other print and radio ads in the fall, and is also planning on campaigning door-to-door for Mr. Lieberman and holding a public rally on his behalf. 'These vets are grateful to Sen. Lieberman for not letting politics compromise his positions, and they wanted to express that,' Mr. Senor says." Senor previously did media work for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.


Seems like Lieberman is being selfish. The people have spoken and
he refuses to accept that. Instead he is going to go ahead and
create further divisons.