Playing Hide and Seek With Oil

BPlogoA new report authored by five prominent marine scientists provides a powerful contradiction of the government's recent report that only 25 percent of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster remains in the Gulf of Mexico. On August 4, the government issued a news release that stated, "The vast majority of the oil from the BP oil spill has either evaporated or been burned, skimmed, recovered from the wellhead or dispersed using chemicals -- much of which is in the process of being degraded." The group of scientists who authored the contradictory report estimate that 70 to 79 percent of the oil that gushed into the gulf still remains. Samantha Joye, a professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia and a co-author of the report, points out that the huge amount of methane that also gushed into the gulf has been completely ignored. Charles Hopkinson, professor of marine sciences in the University of Georgia Franklin College of Arts and Sciences says, “One major misconception is that oil that has dissolved into water is gone and, therefore, harmless ... The oil is still out there, and it will likely take years to completely degrade. We are still far from a complete understanding of what its impacts are.”


What I don't really get about this is why the government lies about this issue... I would understand it if BP did to save their image. In the end this doesn't matter at all cause the damage is already done. The oil was spilled I now we have to deal with the consequenzes.

It is my opinion that we will never know the entire extent of the damage cause by the oil spill in the Gulf . what we do have to do is make sure that B.P. stays with the clean up efforts even the methane that has been released as a result of this spill. It is all of our responsibility to live a greener life.

If you want to understand why the government is lying to us see the new film, Psywar. You can find a link on CMD. Remember that most information that comes out of the government, corporations et al comes from PR firms that is made to look like genuine news stories. This film is an eye opener. Why would the government lie? I am not sure but you can be pretty sure that is is a coverup maybe to shut up environmentalist organizations and the local people who lives have been ruined by BP's dangerous policies.