Christian Coalition Sponsors "Activist Schools"

Amid debt and racial discrimination lawsuits, the Christian Coalition launches a new program that will teach "grassroots organizing skills to conservative Americans," according to PR Week. Beginning next month in Oregon, the schools will be held in 24 "key states" and will train "pro-life" and "pro-family" activists how to elect conservatives within their local communities as well as how to influence state and federal politics.


Lobbying Group Set Up To Back Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives Program

Conservative financiers Capital City Partners have created a lobbying organization to back President Bush's faith-based initiatives program, according to PR Week. Americans for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprises (ACFE) plans to spend "millions of dollars" to push for "faith-based" policies and encourage more private sector support for such initiatives. ACFE will be based in Washington DC. A companion research and education group, the Foundation for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprises will be based in Phoenix, AZ.


Sex, Lies, and Hillsdale

The president of Hillsdale College, described once by William Buckley, Jr. as "the most prominent conservative college in the country," was ousted from his job following a messy sex-and-suicide scandal. The college responded with what the Weekly Standard calls "clumsy attempts to cover all this up. ... It may have been the most inept attempt at damage control ever produced by an academic institution."



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