Pre-Emptive "Traitor" Baiters

"Federal agents and city police are keeping tabs on people they say might try to cause trouble at the Republican National Convention, questioning activists, making unannounced visits and monitoring Web sites and meetings. ... The intelligence unit of the New York Police Department ...


The Presidential Race Card

"A Washington nonprofit group with ties to the Republican Party is airing radio ads ... asking if U.S. Senator John Kerry takes 'the black community for granted?'" The group, People of Color United, was founded last week by DC Parents For School Choice, which supports school vouchers.


RNC: A Marketplace of GOP Ideas

The Republican National Convention's entertainment director, former Gospel Music Association president Frank Breeden, calls his part of the program "Preachers and Patriots." He explained, "Entertainment plays more of a prominent role in marketing messages today than ever before," and convention organizers want to use music and culture to sell their political philosophy "just like Cadillac uses L


Total Ad Saturation

The Democratic 527 group America Coming Together "is deploying thousands of supporters with PalmOne hand-helds to battleground states to play electronic ads individually for voters." The 15 state, $125 million get-out-the-vote effort's "canvassers were already using 2,000 Palms to track voters. ... [An] advertising consultant ...


Politics vs Science, Round 432

Gary Frazer, the Interior Department's "senior career official in the Endangered Species Office, which has produced several scientific findings angering his political superiors in the Fish and Wildlife Service, was reassigned last week to a newly created post as his division's liaison to the United States Geological Survey." Frazer's perhaps least admiring superior, Julie MacDonald,


When Vets Attack

"A group of Vietnam veterans has bought television time in three swing states for an advertisement that attacks Senator John Kerry, accusing him of lying about his war record, including the circumstances surrounding his medals, and betraying his comrades by later opposing the war." The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is a


Playing Good Flack, Bad Flack

"On the eve of the Democratic National Convention ... well-dressed politicians, corporate executives and their friends watched [fireworks] from a private party at a waterfront restaurant. ... Rick Rendon [was] the man in charge of the party," writes Pratap Chatterjee.


Al Qaeda at the DNC

Journalism professor Jay Rosen, who attended the Democratic national convention, says the "great overlooked story in all the reporting" was the heightened security situation. "It was in your face, nonstop, in thousands of ways inside what was called, in military terms, The Perimeter," Rosen writes. "It came lunging at you as you approached the site and enveloped all when you were on site. You could have your credentials checked twenty times on a single trip from the ground floor to your seats. ...



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