McDonald's Has No Breaks Today

"Earlier this year, McDonald's Corp. unveiled plans to enlist rap artists to produce several songs that would integrate the Golden Arches' iconic Big Mac sandwich into lyrics," as "part of the company's ongoing strategy to court the youth market, especially young men, through hip-hop," reports AdAge.


Uncle Sam Wants Your Parents

Last month we noted that one of the obstacles facing U.S. military recruiters is "parents who are reluctant to see their kids enlist." Now the army is responding with an advertising campaign targeting parents directly with the slogan, "help them find their strength." Seth Stevenson analyzes the ads and their new slogan, in which "The Army has at last been repositioned as a finishing school.


What's Wrong with this Picture?

"When Sears Portrait Studios wanted to lure new mothers, it didn't just order more ads of smiling babies or mail out big coupons," writes the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Instead, the company hired the Vandiver Group "to create a word-of-mouth marketing campaign in mid-2003." First, Vandiver identified "influentials" - people others look to for information or advice - who are mothers, using phone surveys.


Drug Industry Embraces Human Rights ... For Ads

Mediaweek reports that new voluntary guidelines issued by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) on Direct-to-consumer advertising "contain few requirements that will add to marketers' ethical and legal burdens in creating drug ads." The guidelines, it reports "do little to go beyond a press release PhRMA issued on July 21, which merely 'enco


Political Ads, Not Just For Elections

Within 24 hours of George Bush's announcement of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Progress for America, a group with close ties to the White House, had an ad supporting John Roberts ready to roll. The 30-second spot, entitled "Brilliant," is airing on current affairs cable channels and during Sunday morning talk shows. "The ad's argument is that Roberts is not out of the mainstream and doesn't rise to the level of an extraordinary circumstance," the Associated Press reports.



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