GE Brings PR, Lobbying Costs To Light

From 1990 to 2005, General Electric spent more than $122 million on public relations, lobbying and legal efforts, "to fight demands that it clean up three contaminated polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) sites," reports O'Dwyer's.


Ashcroft Group: "Let our Client's Radar Soar"

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's lobbying firm has at least two new clients. Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) hired the Ashcroft Group "to help secure the U.S. government's approval to sell a weapons system to the South Korean Air Force." Since their early-warning radar system uses U.S.


The Unseen Hand of the Marketplace of Ideas

"Susan Finston of the Institute for Policy Innovation, a conservative research group based in Texas, is just the sort of opinion maker coveted by the drug industry," writes Philip Shenon. "In an opinion article in The Financial Times on Oct. 25, she called for patent protection in poor countries for drugs and biotechnology products.


U.S. Front Groups Take a European Vacation

Britain's Independent reports on a "detailed and disturbing strategy document" authored by a U.S.-based Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) official that seeks "to destroy Europe's support for the Kyoto treaty on climate change." CEI's Chris Horner, also a senior figure in the "


Lobbying Europe

Brussels, home to the European Commission, has also become home to "over 15,000 lobbyists (more than one for every European Commission official) but just 10 per cent of these represent environmental and social groups," according to a recently-released report. "A massive industry of corporate lobbying has grown up in Brussels with overwhelming influence on European trade policy.



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