Powell Lobbies for Chemical Industry

Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell is leading the charge against European Union plans to more closely control chemicals, the Independent reports. The EU directive called Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (Reach) would require registration and assessments of risks posed by chemicals to human health and the environment. Some 30,000 substances would have to be registered.


Getting Out the Quid Pro Quo

"Washington lobbyists are being deployed in droves to tight congressional races and presidential battleground states around the country," reports The Hill. "Both parties have been recruiting," but some Republican officials have set "participation quotas, requiring [firms] to supply a certain number of volunteers." The pressure is high; "People who didn't go may be looked on negatively" after the election, said one lobbyist.


Fast Food Companies Are Bad for Your Health Care

"California's initiative laws, initially passed to thwart corporate influence in politics, now facilitate just the opposite," writes Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser. Proposition 72, "an initiative that would require large and medium-sized business owners to give health benefits to their workers," is opposed by McDonald's, Burger King, Best Buy, Target and other fast food and big box companies.



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