Terrorist Tree-Huggers

"One of environmentalism's biggest foes - Ron Arnold—is back, peddling the idea that environmentalism breeds terrorism," reports Bill Berkowitz. "Arnold is the same man who once bragged to the New York Times that, 'No one was aware that environmentalism was a problem until we came along.' He's been so successful, says one environmentalist, that he's now 'within striking distance' of checking off every item on his 'wise-use' agenda."


Auto Exemption

"A new series of whimsical public service announcements from the Environmental Protection Agency are lampooning the notion that cars can be made more energy efficient while the ads encourage conservation at home," reports Danny Hakim. The ads depict a wacky home inventor trying to make his car more fuel-efficient by adding a sail and "a helium tank with a bulbous hose ...


EPA's Election-season Roadshow

With election season in swing, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Mike Leavitt has taken his show on the road, visiting key swing states to hand out pots of money for environmental projects. "Leavitt's recent wave of swing-state politicking has won his agency the moniker 'Election Protection Agency' in Beltway circles," reports Amanda Griscom.


Toxic Rocket Fuel Is Good for You!

A report for the Urban Water Research Center at the University of California at Irvine (which is "funded in part by contributions from water utilities and other private sources," writes the Wall Street Journal) concluded that the rocket fuel chemical perchlorate is not as dangerous as previously thought.


Out on a Limb, Looking for Votes

Bush-Cheney campaign chair Marc Racicot announced "the formation of a natural resources coalition ... to counter environmental groups' grass-roots effort to turn out anti-Bush voters" in Oregon, a swing state. "We believe President Bush has a very strong environmental record," said Racicot.


Be All That You Can Afford To Be

In a May 11 memo obtained by the Associated Press, the head of the Army's Installation Management Activity command, Major General Anders Aadland, announced that the Army will "take additional risk in environmental programs; terminate environmental contracts and delay all non-statutory enforcement actions" until after October, the start of the 2005 fiscal year.


Economic Protection Agency

"EPA decisions now have a consistent pattern: disregard for inconvenient facts, a tilt toward industry, and a penchant for secrecy," said longtime Environmental Protection Agency official Eric Schaeffer, who quit the agency in protest in 2002. He was responding to a new decision to exempt wood products plants from controls on emissions of formaldehyde, a chemical linked to cancer and leukemia.



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