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Some Carbon Belchers Seek New Image on Global Warming

Ten of the nation’s largest companies, including Caterpillar and former Global Climate Coalition member, Duke Power, say they now want Congressional legislation to limit climate change--including at least a 10 percent annual national decline in carbon dioxide emissions.


Carbon Neutral: A New Frontier for Spin?

Voluntary carbon trading markets in the United States have doubled in volume over the past year, demonstrating that companies and consumers increasingly seek to offset their role in creating greenhouse gasses by fostering reductions in carbon elsewhere. But the market lacks quality control and a reliable referee. Some companies may take more interest in pushing brand identity than good works.


The Path to a Pink Slip

As a reporter for Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T), a small industry trade publication, Paul Thacker discovered an entire industry built around spinning science for the purpose of confusing the public while benefiting big business. He wrote exposés documenting the tobacco and oil industry ties of Steven Milloy's, which purports to debunk bad science about issues such as global warming.


Edelman Flacks for Big Oil

"With congressional Democrats readying probes into oil companies' profits and eyeing legislation aimed at curbing global warming, the American Petroleum Institute and its K Street allies are looking to assemble a $100 million war chest to rally policy makers and public opinion to their side," reports Peter Stone.


Oiling The Wheels For the New Congress

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is planning to launch a major "educational advocacy" program in January 2007 to influence the incoming Congress. The API represents 400 major oil and gas producers. According to PR Week, the program will include increased television advertising, speeches by economists and industry executives and tours of oil and gas operations for think tank staff and politicians.


One "Bad Event" Could Ruin An Industry ... And A Whole Lot More

Jim Rogers, the Chief Executive of Duke Energy, a power company that is keen to build nuclear power plants in North and South Carolina, told reporters at an energy conference that he was "cautiously optimistic on nuclear, but public opinion turns on a dime." The nuclear industry faces considerable hurdles.


Yes to Shadecloth, No to Kyoto

The Australian Minister for Tourism, Fran Bailey, has indicated a willingness to consider covering parts of the Great Barrier Reef with shade cloth to limit damage caused to it by global warming. A trial of four five-metre square shade cloths has been undertaken over the last two years. "We're very concerned because this is a $A5.8 billion tourist industry on the reef, employing 33,000 people," Bailey said.


Energy Economics 101 for Nuclear Industry's Patrick Moore

In an interview with the Toronto Star, veteran energy policy analyst Amory Lovins said that he had spoken with former Greenpeace co-founder turned nuclear power promoter Patrick Moore and concluded that "he's not well informed about energy alternatives." Earlier this year, the Nuclear Energy Institute established a front group, the



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