Providing Moral Support (Not Tank Armor)

The Washington, DC-based public affairs firm Susan Davis International "is handling the Pentagon's 'America Supports You' campaign to drum up support for the nearly 150,000 U.S. forces that may be occupying Iraq during the next four years," reports O'Dwyer's. "America Supports You," a Defense Department campaign, will run through May 2005.


PR Watch Looks at E-Voting

The second quarter 2004 issue of PR Watch is now online, featuring several articles by Diane Farsetta that look at the spin and dangers surrounding electronic voting machines. Despite questions remaining about the security and reliability of electronic voting, for-profit e-voting companies such as Diebold believe that their heavy lobbying are the key to winning support for public adoption of their voting devices.


Hill & Knowlton Gets Out the (Lost) Vote

The Hill & Knowlton PR firm "is working to allay any voters' concerns in Florida's fourth largest county amid reports that votes were not counted by new electronic balloting machines in an August primary." The firm's $160,000 contract with Hillsborough County includes promoting e-voting machines and encouraging "voters to turn out and cast ballots." Hill & Knowlton is also helping Republican elections s


Florida Revisited

Within an hour after voting began in Florida, "the system collapsed in Broward County, ground zero for the 2000 fiasco in the state," comments Markos Moulitsas. He lists other allegations of election fraud and voter suppression in states including Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and South Dakota, On his Dkosopedia website, Moulitsas is hosting a "Voter Registration Fraud Clearinghouse, where people are invited to report irregularities.


Jailed for Blogging

Juan Cole reports that Omid Memarian, an Iranian writer, journalist, weblogger and social activist has been arrested, making him the fourth journalist to be arrested in an apparent Iranian crackdown on reformist journalists and webloggers who are seen as enemies of the regime. Cole urges people to complain to the Iranian government or their interests section in Washington, DC.



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