Election 2006

"Equal Protection" Suit: A Tired Last Gasp for Tobacco Industry Allies in Nevada

The tobacco industry’s buddies in the bar and gambling businesses are at it again, suing to try and stop Nevada's new smoke-free law, which voters approved November 7 by a margin of 54% to 46%. The law bans smoking in bars that serve meals, slot machine sections of grocery and convenience stores, in video arcades, shopping malls, schools and day-care centers. Bar and casino owners are claiming the law is unconstitutional, and saying that it will hurt their businesses, while offering no proof that it has.


Prospects for Ethics Reform in the 110th Congress

Guest poster: Paul Blumenthal of the Sunlight Foundation

Exit polls show that the 109th Congress severely misread the American voters and believed that passing lobbying and ethics reforms was unnecessary, despite the parade of FBI raids, criminal indictments, and jailed lawmakers and lobbyists. The leaders of the new Democratic majority have promised to enact the reforms the previous Congress shied away from.

And Then There Were Seven: Dems Hold on to Georgia Seat

Wiki the VoteThe Georgia secretary of state today certified the final results of the Georgia congressional elections and Democratic Rep. John Barrow squeaked by Republican challenger Max Burns with less than one percent of the vote to hold on to the Georgia 12th seat. According to the AP story, the Republican-controlled Georgia Legislature redrew the 12th district in 2005 to exclude Barrow's house and many of his constituents, but Barrow moved back into the district and prevailed anyway.

There are still seven races left to be called. Check back with Congresspedia and our Election 2006 homepage for details, updates and analysis.

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