Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Goodwill or Tainted Money?

Philip Morris is spending more to publicize its good deeds than it's spending on the good deeds themselves. Last year, the company spent $115 million on charity and $150 million on these TV ads. So if Philip Morris is so concerned about giving back to the community, why doesn't it take the $150 million spent last year on ads and give that to charity?


Standing Up to the Swoosh

Professional athlete Jim Keady became an activist against sweatshop conditions in Nike's overseas factories while studying theology at St. John's University and coaching for the school's soccer program. His athletic and academic career slammed to a halt, he says, when St. John's negotiated a multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal with Nike that would have required him to become "a billboard for a company that was reaping profits on the backs of the poor. ... As a coach, I would've had to wear the equipment



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