Diageo to Hispanics: Drink More Hard Liquor!

Ketel OneAmerican Legislative Exchange Council corporate member Diageo, PLC, which owns Smirnoff, Ketel One, Captain Morgan, Cuervo, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker and other hard liquore brands, will ramp up its spending on TV ads targeting Hispanics by 3,000 percent to convince them to drink more hard liquor instead of beer. In the past, hard liquor ads on Hispanic TV have been rare. Diageo spent $147.7 million on advertising last year, none of which was spent on Spanish-language network TV. But now Diageo has announced it will start pouring money into ads on the Univision network, which owns 36 Spanish-language TV stations covering 60 percent of the country. Diageo is basing its new Hispanic targeting on U.S. Census data that showed a 43 percent increase in the Hispanic population over the past decade, and statistics showing Hispanics tend to buy more beer than hard liquor compared to other groups.

Diageo's big, new ad buy also comes just as a systematic review of studies by a volunteer body of public health and prevention experts found that holding alcohol retailers liable for injuries and damage caused by their intoxicated customers is an effective strategy for reducing injuries, motor vehicle deaths and other problems linked to alcohol consumption.


Too much alcohol can brought to accidents..But is there an apple flavor for that?