Fox News' "Madison Protest" Footage Aims to Deceive

On February 28, the O'Reilly Factor aired a video news segment by Fox Channel reporter Mike Tobin, who was shown reporting from inside the state capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. "News" footage aired during his broadcast of goings-on outside the capitol depicts an angry, out-of-control, crowd of pro-union protesters yelling and pushing people around. But the protesters in the video are wearing shirtsleeves and standing on a street lined with tall palm trees and other green, leafy foliage -- and that is absolutely not February in Madison, where no palm trees live outside of greenhouses and where temperatures have been well below freezing for most of the winter. Fox clearly used out-of-town footage to depict the "violence" it is hyping as happening in Madison. The segment is two minutes, nine seconds long, and the palm tree footage occurs at the 1:42 mark, as wording on the screen says "Union Protests."


I can’t say if this is absolute ‘fake’ news. However, the video segment is definitely not showing the same news as Mike Tobin was reporting. The problem is Fox News just simply picked one of those VNRs, Which has been prepared already by (may be) PR people. Journalists have the duty to represent truth not only one-side story to public. With every news they report, it should have enough researches and works been done. Using VNRs for broadcasting is disrespectful. As journalists’ responsibility, they should satisfy public’s best interest. Well, at least, make news footage by themselves.