Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto

WholeFoodsMarketAfter 12 years of battling to stop Monsanto's genetically-engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation's organic farmland, the biggest retailers of "natural" and "organic" foods in the U.S., including Whole Foods Market (WFM), Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farm, have agreed to stop opposing mass commercialization of GE crops, like Monsanto's controversial Roundup Ready alfalfa.

In exchange for dropping their opposition, WFM has asked for "compensation" to be paid to organic farmers for "any losses related to the contamination of his crop." Under current laws, Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs) are not subject to any pre-market safety testing or labeling. WFM is abandoning its fight with biotech companies in part because two thirds of the products they sell are not certified organic anyway, but are really conventional, chemical-intensive and foods that may contain GMOs and that they market as "natural" despite this. Most consumers don't know the difference between "natural" and "certified organic" products. "Natural" products can come from crops and animals fed nutrients containing GMOs. "Certified Organic" products are GMO-free. WFM and their main distributor, United Natural Foods, maximize profits by selling products labeled "natural" at premium organic prices.  (A typographical error in the second sentence of this story was subsequently corrected.  We regret this minor error.)


Yes I am sorry to tell you, that Trader Joes carry food with GMO's. Just read the labels. Unless a food store is verifying every food product in the store to make sure there isn't any GMO's, because a GMO can come in a lot of different forms. As an example, did you know ascorbic acid is a GMO and is used in many foods as a preservative. My suggestion is, read every label for yourself. Take responsibility for your own health. No matter what a company sells, they're in business to make a profit and only profits.


As a leader in the sales and marketing of healthy, whole and organic foods, Whole Foods should take the same stance as Green Grocer and remove the contaminated Kashi cereals off of their shelves until Kellogg can verify that their products are accurately labeled. Anything short of that would be willful neglect and a great lose of credibility to Whole Foods. Until that time, I know where I will be shopping.

I don't know who to believe in this situation, but when a former employee states that a store that others have held in high esteem is "shady," I'm inclined to believe that person. What I don't understand, is that a post on FB re: this subject was put there by Organic Valley and this story includes them with WF and SF. I did write to WF last year and received a letter back from them concerning the above story. All I know is that research has shown that even fetal tissues have this junk in them and that's the beginning of life; so we don't want their junk fed to our children for their safety and good health.

I agree with you. I've been telling people for a while now that, with all the nightmares from Monsanto, it leaves us with no choice but to eat strictly "certified organic". What else can we do?

It really is a shame WFM, Organic Valley and Stoneyfield Farm did a trade-off with Monsanto after a long history/investment of twelve years. It seems Monsanto beat them down. I'm sure there is more to the story for the trade-off.
I would like to know what proof WFM, OV and SF have regarding "compenstion"....
Could it have been possible for WFM, OV and SF to help the organic farmers for "any losses related to the contamination of their crops" by means of donating a percentage of their profits, and if so, they could of still supported their cause against Monsanto and endorsed the organic industry mission.
A few Whole Foods Market stores have opened in Toronto...I was very excited but now after having read this article I am very disappointed and will probably go back to buying my organic foods from a local small market. I am in favor of supporting smaller businesses as much as I can.
All we can do is collectively not purchase or support companies related to Monsanto. Beware of GMO brands/products and boycott them everyday by simply not buying them! Please support your local organic farms and neighborhood organic stores.

I have just become aware of this issue,living in a 3rd world country. I agree with you totally....there must be more to the story as there certainly was a more humane way of helping the farmers. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to purchase from the small farmers in my country but the large supermarkets who import from the US are doing so without a clear understanding of what they are actually buying. In my country, there is a literal epidemic of cancers in both young and old. Hopefully, one day, someone will be powerful enough to prove and win a collosal suit against the company that produces and markets Genetically altered food which is linked to cancer. In the meantime, God does not sleep and He is still in the business of miracles. I continue to ask Him to deal with "the untouchables" whose selfish and greedy actions bring sorrow and grief to decent hardworking people.

Published today, reported by Reuters, and even Fox News, that rats fed Monsanto corn got tumors, major organ failure, premature deaths in French big study.

In spite of the "skepticism" spin on Fox's title (we have to be very afraid of Monsanto, right?), Fox reports the findings, as well as plenty of nebulous objections by Monsanto-troops.

Strangely, CNN has kept silent on this major damaging-to-Monsanto story, shame on you CNN.

The study tracked the rats through all of their 2-year lifespan, instead of the convenient 3-months America and Monsanto uses.

It could not have come at a better time, now that Monsanto et al have spent millions of $$$ in California to not have to label GMO foods as such.

America sadly has become the undignified country, where "Might is Right", and where Might=Money.
No pride, no truth, no honesty, no morals, no ethics, just bribes and strong-arm tactics run this country, from government to business. The whole world can see it too.

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