Shot AZ Congresswoman Was in Sarah Palin's "Crosshairs"

Sarah Palin's target listU.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), 40, was shot in the head at close range at a public event in front of a Safeway store in northwest Tucson. Giffords was one of 20 House Democrats Sarah Palin targeted last March on her Facebook page in response to their votes for health care reform. At that time, Palin posted a map of the United States with gunsight-style crosshairs superimposed over the districts of Democratic House members who had voted in favor of the health reform bill. Around that same time, a wave of threats and intimidation was ongoing against members of Congress which led Capitol Police to meet with lawmakers and advise them about taking precautions to protect their personal security. In one of the more alarming incidents, Giffords' office window was smashed on the night of the health care vote. In June, Nevada senatorial candidate Sharron Angle advocated use of "second amendment remedies" if voters fail to get their way at the ballot box.


I wonder if Sarah Palin and her team have any remorse about using the obvious symbolism of crosshairs against her political enemies, including Gabrielle Giffords.

2nd Amendment remedies. The U.S. government - under the "leadership" of the "jews" who own the Fed/IRS, the twin treasons - has been propelling us toward communism for fifty years. We simply won't allow it to happen.

Propelling us towards? You must be living in a dreamworld because we are a communist state! Here it is corporate communism which socializes the costs but privatizes the profit. You had better wake up because you and your religious cohorts are amongst the biggest supporters of conservative communism and the killing of people that don't agree with you!

Do you have any evidence whatsoever that Sarah Palin wished this to happen, is responsible for it in any reasonable or rational way, or will benefit by it? This seems to me like an irresponsible comment. I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, either, but if you don't like irrational behavior then don't practice it yourself.

Of course she is responsible. She has endorsed the "Second Amendment Solution" to political differences. She uses violence based images in her speeches. She cheers the crackpots on. Too bad we can't indict her.

Really? This is the thinnest and lamest attempt at a slur I've ever seen. I'm not a big Palin supporter, but I know BS when I see it! Come on media, recognize the power you have over the masses and be more responsible with the conclusions you jump to. How about this headline..."Media responsible for Congresswoman's shooting - repetitive footage of gunman in Florida school shooting school board members inspired AZ shooter"? That's about as relevant - and responsible, as this story was.

A quote from GSB "Come on media, recognize the power you have over the masses".

This is why she should be held responsible. Corporate media power, which influences the public, our government and our culture is intentionally destroying Democracy for selfish corporate gain.

To ask the qstn "is Palin responsible?" is to intentionally create a diversion. Palin has created her momentary fame by spewing highly emotional and veiled violent garbage for years now. Her apologists have reveled in the responses and her Facebook lemmings have grown. She has outright called for armed response to outcomes she dislikes, and when the circle completes and humans are slaughtered, you actually ask for proof?

As long as the American media reports on every little boring detail of this quite average person she will keep some power. Start ignoring her. Even reporting negative things about her is free publicity and I am sure she can't believe her luck.

What a shame. She a complete nitwit, talks in bumper sticker language, walked out on her term as governor of Alaska, is unreliable and not very intelligent. So why does the media keep giving the as much press as the President? Come on, let's put her in prospective and she will go away - that would be the greatest service to this country.

We actually do have people in this country so why bother with her.

Don't count on it. She, Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck will all most likely state that their comments cannot be taken as vitriol, but as free speech - which, ironically, it is. Buckle in. It's gonna be a bumpy decade.