Anti-Abortion Group Runs Over-TheTop Ad for Egg-Rights Amendment

Obama Angel of DeathThe anti-abortion group Personhood Colorado, now known as "Personhood USA," is once again pursuing a ballot initiative in Colorado -- Amendment 62 -- that would change the state's constitution to declare a fertilized human egg a human being. The measure would classify embryos as "persons" under the law, outlaw abortion, and make illegal all forms of contraception except barrier methods. Personhood USA is circulating an over-the-top video to promote Amendment 62 that credits the state of Colorado with initiating the "decline of America." The ad falsely claims that the new health reform law "contains massive abortion funding," refers to the "billion-dollar abortion industry," and says Roe v. Wade resulted from "men in black robes... plotting in Washington, D.C." who "hated traditional American values, especially life and liberty." Against scary music and a dark background, the ad portrays President Barack Obama as the "Angel of Death."


The “traditional American values” they keep spouting about is a complete fabrication not based upon history nor upon social reality (unless they are talking about the rampant child abuse, the beating of women and the rape of both in THEIR “traditional” families), and legalized abortions have nothing to do with the “decline of America”.

Some of their “values” they want to make into laws are women as slaves to men, the jailing and executions of homosexuals, the stoning of women to death who have sex outside of marriage, the banning of all religions not Christian including Judaism, and stepping up the genocide and slavery of brown people in this country. These people know nothing about life and liberty when they plan to bring a Christian Theocracy to this country, state by state, that would result in the deaths of thousands of Americans and enslavement of those who are left.

The guiding force behind the Personhood of USA organization is the Dominionists. And Sarah Palin is one of their whores.

I completely agree with your statement until you wrote, "And Sarah Palin is one of their whores."

This statement shows that you are no better then they- uneducated propaganda and all. Instead of calling women whores and commenting on a site where the majority of the audience clearly agrees with your political persuasion, why don't you get up and do something about it? Let's cause change instead of calling each other names.

I see your point even though at the time, I meant it figuratively as in Palin was being used like a postitute to get media cover for their cause. My mistake, I should have been more specific and less lurid. I apologize for letting my temper override my sense of decorum on this highly informative website.

As for doing something about it, yes, I have indeed taken action since then. For one, I joined a women’s group that campaigns for candidates running for state and federal offices that stand up for religious freedom and rejoined an Ecofeminist group. It feels good to get back into political action after a rest bit.