Beer Industry: This Bud's Not for You

Marijuana leafCalifornia Beer and Beverage Distributors (CBBD) are fighting Proposition 19, a measure on California's ballot to legalize adult possession of marijuana and let local governments to regulate and tax its sale. CBBD donated $10,000 to Public Safety First, a committee organized to oppose Proposition 19. Beer sellers are the first competitor-industry to oppose the initiative.The alcohol industry is concerned that if marijuana is legalized, consumers will start substituting smoking weed for drinking, eroding alcohol sales. Proponents of Proposition 19 are watching to see if the hard liquor, wine and pharmaceutical industries will follow suit in funding opposition to the measure. Not all California beer makers oppose Proposition19, though. Microbrewers Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing Company are refusing to take part in the opposition campaign.


Reduce the gang violence, illegal border crossings, incarcerations, damage to public lands, etc., by legalizing it. Just don't forget that it is more damaging than tobacco smoke as far as lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

BTW, I DON'T smoke it, and don't know very many people who do (or maybe they just don't talk about it - being a legal/moral taboo and all that!). I wish we were as prudish when it comes to violence.

The Rich/Big Corporations
get that way

Just don't forget that it is more damaging than tobacco smoke as far as lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

This is just out-and-out wrong! NIDA, whose primary mission is to only find out bad things, has un-funded more than a few studies because science was learning the truth which contradicted their fanatical dogma!

Here is but a brief smattering of links for your edification:

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew In '74

Pot's Active Ingredient Halts Lung Cancer Growth, Study Says

Cannabis and pregnancy (a longitudinal study)

In fact has an awesome collection of links to research. Just go to their search box and type in "lung." It should bring you to this page of search results:

There are MANY studies showing cannabis use through smoking DOES NOT lead to cancers.

Here is a page of more research for the interested

Cannabis, aka marijuana, was outlawed solely due to racist hatred of Mexicans and blacks, and it was done AGAINST the advice of the sole representative of the AMA during the late night rush congressional hearing on the matter.