AMC's "Mad Men" Atones for Ubiquitous Smoking

BPlogoAMC's Emmy-award winning TV show "Mad Men" depicts advertising executives in the 1960s, including their ubiquitous smoking, which occurs in practically every scene in every show. Now "Mad Men" is holding a celebrity auction on E-Bay in which it will sell off a walk-on role in the show to benefit lung cancer research and treatment at the City of Hope National Medical Center. The online auction starts on August 12 and will run for ten days. The show's producer, Lionsgate, will also auction off props from the show, including vintage 1960s dresses worn by leading ladies Betty and Joan, and vintage furniture and props from the offices of characters Don Draper and Roger Sterling. “This auction offers Mad Men fans an exciting new way to connect with the series while helping to support City of Hope’s important work in research and treatment of lung cancer,” said Sandra Stern, Lionsgate’s COO of TV.


A great idea, forget any negative comments about the depiction of execs being's called reality...that's how it was and hopefully this charitable idea receives the applause it deserves


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