Center for Media and Democracy on the National Scene

Wendell PotterWendell Potter, CMD's Senior Fellow on Health Care, will be a special guest speaker at the conference of Progressive Democrats of America, to be held July 23-25 in Cleveland, Ohio. The conference allows progressive Americans to meet and learn from each other, and find out how to use tools and resources available to advance progressive issues in the U.S. Other special speakers include Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Daniel Ellsberg (of Watergate fame), and national radio commentator Jim Hightower. You can also hear CMD Executive Director, Lisa Graves, and Mary Bottari of CMD's BanksterUSA project speak this year at the Netroots Nation 2010 gathering July 22-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lisa will speak on fighting against expanded corporate rights in the wake of the Citizens United decision, and Mary will talk about reforming Wall Street. Netroots Nation was formerly the YearlyKos Convention.