Safeway Tries to Pull a Fake "Farmers Market"

No fake farmers markets, Safeway!A woman driving by a Safeway store in Kirkland, Washington, spotted a big banner in front of the store announcing a farmer's market that weekend, so she stopped to get more details. The manager explained that Safeway employees were going to be setting up tents and selling Safeway produce, farmer's market-style, in front of the store. That sent up red flags for Martha Tyler, who organizes a real farmer's market in Redmond, Washington. Tyler immediately alerted local farmers market associations to Safeway's plot to cash in on people's attraction for farmers markets, and a protest ensued. The Washington State Farmers Market Association sent Safeway a letter pointing out that state law defines farmers' markets as including five or more growers selling directly to consumers, and explaining that the intent of a farmers market is to foster closer connections between local farmers and their customers. Safeway responded by offering to drop the term "farmers market" and instead call it something like a "weekend outdoor market." Advocates were pleased with the change, but still wish big grocery retailers like Safeway would buy more of their produce from local farmers, instead of merely trying to impersonate farmers markets.


A Farmers market is totally fresh produce, straight from the farm the best you will ever get. Supermarkets fruit and vege are about a month old before it hits the shelves, I know which one I choose! so Safeways has put a dent on there reputation from now on in, sounds like they are getting desperate. it must be getting hard out there.

Big companies and corporations always love to pretend they are just like the little guys. In the end it's just kind of funny and makes safeway look out of touch and stupid. I wonder if that particular store got orders from the top or if it was just the local store manager trying to get some extra business.

Safeway should have been clear in their marketing what they were selling at the "Farmers Market." Otherwise their customers will come to distrust the company's advertising.