Financial Industry Front Group "Stop Too Big To Fail" Runs New Ads

Sam Zamarripa Sam ZamarripaInvestment banker Sam Zamarripa, spokesman for the financial industry's front group "Stop Too Big To Fail" (STBTF) announced that his group is funding a third series of television ads set to air in the Washington, D.C. cable media market. The ads try to trick people into opposing the financial reforms currently being considered by the Senate by misleadingly claiming the current legislation provides for "unlimited executive bailout authority." The current legislation would not ensure "unlimited bailouts," but rather does the opposite; it puts an end to taxpayer-funded bailouts. STBTF is a project of Consumers for Competitive Choice, and industry-funded front group that also opposes federal renewable energy standards, defends the use of phthalates in plastics, and argues against legislation to improve mileage standards in vehicles.