Sarah Palin Gets a Hand Up

Palin's crib notesEx-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is becoming more vocal and visible in recent days, and indications are that the upswing will continue. Fox News is building a television studio in Palin's living room in her home in Wasilla, Alaska, so she will be able to reach her political base without leaving home. Palin also sends messages out to her 1.3 million Facebook friends, writes columns for newspapers, sends out Tweets and signs copies of her books for donors to her political action committee. Last weekend, she delivered a paid speech to the Salina, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, headlined the national Tea Party convention in Nashville and make an appearance in Texas to support Governor Rick Perry's re-election bid. She also emailed an endorsement for Dr. Rand Paul in Kentucky's Republican Senate primary and, through Facebook, and called for the resignation of White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, for using the term "retarded" in a private meeting. Palin also received some criticism for referring to President Obama in her Nashville speech as a "charismatic guy with the teleprompter," while referring to crib notes she had scrawled on her hand during the same speech.