Help Us Keep an Eye on Sarah Palin's Spin

A bus tour, a book, a new contract with Fox News Channel, her famous "death panels" rumor being voted's "Lie of the Year" ... what did we miss? We can hardly keep up with Sarah Palin. Help us out by checking her SourceWatch profile and adding any information it may be missing to assure it's up to date. Don't forget -- all information must be referenced to authoritative sources, and have fun! If you would like to help in other ways, please take a look at some of our other citizen journalism projects here.



I have come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin's stint on Fox News could be the best thing for America. With a judicious watchdog group following her every word all of America should finally find out what an uninformed idiot she really is. Quite honestly I think it's "God's Plan" to lead anything greater than a clown parade.

But only if Obama and the Democratic Congress continue to show themselves as ineffective. Indeed, a worst case scenario would include the US getting attacked again by Al Qaida (sp?), an economy that continues to shrink with only insignificant decrease in the unemployment rate, and a lack of backbone on the part of Congressional Dems to push through any meaningful legislation that truly represents reform.

Even Obama's recent 'pep rally' speeches to Congress or to town-halls, is merely just-that - pep-rally speeches. As a result, if nothing is accomplished, and things worsen severely enough, the stage could be set to elect not-so-much Palin herself, but let's say newly elected Sen Brown from Massachusetts, who, like Barack Obama came from apparently out-of-nowhere to lead a virtual revolution by grasping the hopes of the American people.

While some of us tend to underestimate both Palin's appeal and the draw of the Tea Party movement, remember that only 600 some-odd folks showed up for their national convention in Nashville this weekend. But every. single. major. network. news. organization. covered. Palin's. speech. LIVE! Why? Because they ARE news, (even though the State of CA Green Party in the yr 2000 garnered well over 700 members just from CA at their convention, and NO one covered them)! Get it?!

Write your Congressperson TODAY, and even the PRESIDENT himself, to state clearly that this faux bi-partisanship we'd all love to experience, simply ain't gonna happen with a bunch of nit-wits-gone-rogue. "There's nothing more dangerous than a fool with a cause..." (-John Grisshom, A Time to Kill)