Murdoch Seeks "Conservation-Minded Conservatives"

James Murdoch, the chairman and chief executive, Europe and Asia of News Corporation and son of media baron Rupert Murdoch, wants American conservatives to embrace the need for an energy policy that promotes energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies. In a opinion column in the Washington Post, Murdoch wrote that an energy policy based on "liberty, enterprise and ingenuity" shouldn't "be anathema to the American right." He argues that the best way to progress climate legislation in the U.S. Congress would be to establish a "Red-Blue-Green agenda on whose principles conservatives, Democrats and independents can all agree." As part of it he suggests that a "well-crafted federal law", such as being promoted by Republic Senator Lindsey Graham, would be "better than unfettered regulation" by the Environmental Protection Agency or "ever-changing regulation by the states." Murdoch concludes by noting that "previously conservation-minded conservatives are missing in the heated partisanship of today's politics. It's time they found their voice again." News Corporation media outlets have been at the forefront of championing the views of the climate change skeptics.